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Ms.Lockett, Academy Co-Director, Business 

Short Bio: 

Courses taught: Empowering Entrepreneurs, Advanced Accounting, Business Management & Ownership

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Ms. Mirabal, English 

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Courses taught: English


Interesting facts about Ms. Mirabal


Ms. Pickering, Business 

Short Bio: Born and raised in San Diego, California. Received my Bachelors degree in Business Management and Masters in Education Leadership from San Diego State University. Worked in Business Administration for multiple companies and grew my own organic farming operations before transitioning into a teaching career.  Originally taught Geometry and Physics at an alternative school for San Diego Unified School District before transitioning to Career College and Technical Education business courses.  About to proudly watch my 4th AOF cohort graduate from San Diego High School of Business and Leadership.  Advocate for the development of sustainable enterprises.


Courses taught: AVID, Business 100, Business Financial Markets


Interesting facts about Ms. Pickering: A foreign exchange student to Brazil in high school, plays the drums, has a pet pig named Bubba

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Ms. Summers, Social Studies 

Short Bio: I was born in New York and spent my first 14 years there. I moved to San Francisco and then to San Diego to attend SDSU. I started teaching almost 30 years ago in San Diego and I met my husband at the first school that we taught at. We have four children and two grandchildren and they are all beautiful, brilliant, and talented. My credentials include History Social Sciences and English Language Arts as well as CLAD, GATE, and International Baccalaureate. I’m a Peer Coach/Staff Developer and have worked in professional development and educational leadership for most of my career as an educator. My passion as an educator and a human being is social justice.


Courses taught: History Social Sciences, English, AVID


Interesting facts about Ms. Summers: I love most creatures and plants, big ideas, designing and building things, chocolate and coffee. I like to hike especially in the desert with my husband. I love yoga and Bossa Nova lounge music. I wish my Spanish was better and that I could play the ukulele.

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Mr. Waller, Academy Co-Director, Social Studies

Short Bio: After a failed attempt to run for president of Mexico, I came to San Diego High to teach the future titans of business the nuances of economics and political science in January 1991.


Course taught: AP Economics, AP Government, AP US History, BFM 5(internship)


Interesting facts about Mr. Waller: I still live back home in Vancouver when school is out and camp hopefully one weekend a month down here during the school year.  I have one clever daughter who graduated from UCSC recently.

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Mr. Peters, English 

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Course taught:

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