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AOFE students learn to embrace their entrepreneurial mindset by tapping into their ability to make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. 


Coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, our students spend time considering the issues they face as individuals, within their school and neighborhood communities, and as global citizens. As they research, discuss, and live through the experiences of young people in today’s world, they are developing the entrepreneurial skills necessary to acknowledge problems, examine opportunities, cultivate their creativity, and seek innovative solutions. Our students have compassionate spirits and often consider not only how these solutions could benefit themselves but also how they would help them give back to their communities.

Students in the AOFE cohort have already made the decision to be part of a pathway that requires passion and drive. Our students have demonstrated their desire to explore all the ways they can achieve success and open as many doors as possible for themselves. The entrepreneurial mindset is one that allows our students to try, sometimes fall, and try again. Our AOFE family supports one another as we strive for greatness, and our students value that the choice is theirs to realize their dreams.

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