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The Academy of Finance and Entrepreneurship (AoFE) at San Diego High School strives to prepare students to be successful and competitive in the global world through developing their entrepreneurial mindset


Students in the Academy of Finance and Entrepreneurship have the opportunity to complete business course pathways that build transferable professional skills through project-based learning aligned with industry standards and core content.  

The business pathways are part of the state-wide College Career Technical Education (CCTE) program, which is designed to ensure students are college and career ready when they graduate high school.

CCTE courses are sequenced so that students build on prior knowledge and work toward advanced coursework in their capstone class. 


Our pathways are designed with industry input, and focus on rigorous, relevant and real-world learning.  By integrating innovative instruction, vertically aligned courses, and transferable professional skills, those who complete our pathways leave high school ready for their future in college and beyond.


Curriculum, course sequence and project-based learning opportunities at AoFE are designed to develop the students’ 21st Century learning skills. 


While completing relevant, cross-curriculum, applicable projects, students develop the 21st Learning skills (known as the four C’s ) - Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and Communications. Mentored by teachers and industry professionals, students learn about and experience the mental processes required to adapt and improve upon a modern work environment. 


The benefits of being in the Academy include: 

  • Access to real-world learning that helps connect core academics to industry applications

  • Access to updated technology, software, facilities and tools that enable students to apply their knowledge in meaningful and creative ways.

  • Students are better prepared for college and career thanks to rigorous, relevant coursework, work-based learning experiences, and contact with the professional world

  • Courses are infused with essential professional skills including interviewing techniques, resume building, labor market research, and interpersonal skills

  • Students are part of a community which makes them feel more connected to their academics. They are more driven and focused when they get to college and enter the workforce.

Our Philosophy

Transforming barriers into pathways and empowering today’s youth with the skills and experiences needed to revolutionize tomorrow’s industries for greater equity, sustainability, and prosperity

Our History

The Academy was established at San Diego High School in the early 2000's.

Our cu

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